Seven brothers surprise their sister with an unforgettable wedding gift

7 Brothers Surprise Sister with Unforgettable Wedding Gift
7 Brothers Surprise Sister with Unforgettable Wedding Gift


When seven brothers realized their sister was getting married, they knew they had to do something special for her on her wedding day.

The men didn't settle on just any old wedding gift. Instead, they decided to craft a dance routine featuring the electric slide, Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" dance, and even a little Michael Jackson. The men, whose ages span from 15 to 46, all had hectic schedules. However, they decided to take time away from their kids and their jobs to create a music mix, work with a choreographer and practice a dance routine that was sure to blow away their family on their sister's wedding day.

Here's the story, written by one of the brothers, Kishan Kotecha:

"We 7 brothers surprised our dear sister at her wedding reception with this epic dance routine. With only 6 hours of rehearsals we put it together and put on a great show for her. Some of us had only days to rehearse as our busy work schedules gave us little time to practice.

So I thought of the idea. Spoke to my brothers. They all agreed. Most of them are married and have kids. We all agreed that for 6 Sundays we will dedicate one hour for rehearsals. We wanted the entire family to be surprised, parents, wives, uncles, aunties, the entire family, most importantly our sister and brother in law!

It was difficult getting out of the house as we didn't want any suspicion raised by our sister. We always came up with different stories but she believed it! We had a professional choreographer who we hired for 6 hours. One of our brothers owns a bar locally in London, which was the perfect place for rehearsals. Two of us sat down for a few hours and came up with a selection of tracks and we made a mix.

We then hit off the rehearsals and week by week it all came together so well! From all of us having two left feet and for it to come together it went down well!

The music selection ranges from Pop, R&B through to Bollywood. All the music was selected and mixed by the performers themselves. Starting with The Lion Kings 'King of Africa' remix, the introduction symbolizes protection of a dear sister by her brothers.

We then move on to a salsa dance by Kudero. The dance then takes us onto Michael Jackson's famous smooth criminal. We then spice the dance up with a bit of Bollywood and one of the brothers tease the audience by acting as a female dancer, as seen in Bollywood films. The song is called Kajra re.

Moving on, the dance goes into Beyoncé's single ladies, and the brother in the middle is oblivious to the poster pointing towards him. We then make then dance very masculine and bop into Men in Black, put our sunglasses on. We finally move onto the Electric Slide Dance (Candy) and finish off with Apache.

The final song is by One Direction "Thats what makes you beatiful" (sic) where we get our sister to sit in the middle of the dance floor and we dance around her. She welled up with tears of joy.

We hope you enjoy our dance.

The Dance was done at the Langley Banqueting Wedding Suite in Watford at the wedding reception of our sister and brother in law. The dancers age range is from 15 years to 46 years old. Our sister means the world to us and we wanted to do something special for her and our brother in law, a surprise they would never forget!"

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