Grumpy Cat might look miserable, but is she rich?

Grumpy Cat Might Look Miserable, but Is She Rich?
Grumpy Cat Might Look Miserable, but Is She Rich?

The goddess of grump, the mistress of memes -- but Grumpy Cat might not be as loaded as we thought.

"Grumpy Cat's owner just revealed that the feline has made $99 million for her," a Fox News reporter says.

At least that's what the UK's Daily Express reported.

Now, Grumpy Cat's owner, Tabatha Bundesen, tells The Huffington Post the report is "completely inaccurate." Though she wouldn't say how much her cat really earned.

Although we wouldn't be surprised if Tardar Sauce was making a pretty kitty penny. The grumpinator recently came out with a Lifetime Christmas movie -- and has inspired a plethora of other memorabilia, including shirts, a stuffed animal and even a book.

In real life, Grumpy Cat isn't always in a bad mood. The scowl and small size could come from feline dwarfism, which is caused by a genetic mutation.

Given that Grumpy Cat is only two years old, if she had made almost $100 million so far in her short life, that would be hard to believe.

That's more than the net worth of some big names such as Cameron Diaz, Bradley Cooper and Jamie Foxx, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Maybe Grumpy Cat can one day aspire to make as much money as another famous cat who loves food and is pretty sour.

Reports say Garfield's creator, Jim Davis, is worth around $800 million.

Something to strive for, Grumpy Cat. That's enough for a lifetime ... or maybe nine.

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