'Eaten Alive' special deemed giant let down

'Eaten Alive' Special Deemed Giant Let Down
'Eaten Alive' Special Deemed Giant Let Down

Paul Rosolie's daredevil debut didn't go so well.

The researcher and naturalist covered himself in pig's blood and donned a special suit to get swallowed alive by an anaconda and get it all on camera.

But when Discovery aired the Eaten Alive special, viewers found the stunt...hard to swallow. After a nearly two-hour build-up, Rosolie settled on a smaller snake than planned. But we could cut him slack on that...I mean an anaconda is an anaconda. Then the 250-pound snake squeezed him, got its jaws around the top of his head before Rosolie called it quits, and his assistants rescued him.

Rosolie explained, "I started to feel the blood drain out of my hand and I felt the bone flex. And when I got to the point where I felt like it was going to snap I had to tap out," he said.

Within minutes, he was mocked all-over Twitter.

Many viewers called it their generation's Al Capone's vault.

One user said, "Calling it #EatenAlive is like having a show on the Food Network about cooking a turkey and all they do after 2 hours is preheat the oven,"

Another said, "I guess calling this 'Getting Squeezed Really Hard' didn't sound as enticing."

And one user tweeted, "Next on Discovery...'Finding the Tooth Fairy' where I spend two hours looking for the Tooth Fairy, give up and get a burrito."

But viewers might've been able to see this coming.

Discovery refused to say exactly what ensued after the snake wrapped itself around Rosolie in the time leading up to the broadcast. In fact, no one ever really confirmed that he had been eaten. Instead it kept the focus on Rosolie's work...packaged in a lot of media hype.

On the bright side, Rosolie and the snake were unharmed in the giant letdown. In the end, the only thing Discovery really gave viewers was what they already knew: attempting to get eaten alive by a snake is a bad idea.

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