Easy ways to rethink your (tired) Christmas decorations

BY Emily A. Clark

This is for those of you who need a little motivation to pull the Christmas decorations out of the attic this week and get to it. Maybe you're a little less than enthusiastic because you've been using the same stuff year after year, and you're just over it. There may be hope for merry and bright Christmas decorating without throwing everything out and starting from scratch.

Easy ways to rethink your decorations
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Easy ways to rethink your (tired) Christmas decorations

5 easy ways to rethink your (tired) Christmas decorations

(Photo via Emily A. Clark)

1. If you hate it, spray it! 

You can spray paint almost any Christmas decoration—I’m sure of it. I’ve sprayed ornaments that were the wrong color, colorful Santas that needed to be all white to fit with my decor, wreaths, branches, and even Christmas trees. (By the way, you can get a “flocked” look without the fake snow by spray painting artificial greenery white.)
(Photo via Emily A. Clark)

2. Choose one color and layer lots of it.

This is where the spray painting trick might come in handy. I love the look of really concentrating on one color and sticking with it for most of your decorations. Whether it’s traditional red, or a more non-traditional color scheme, think color in layers. (It doesn’t have to all be the exact same shade.)
(Photo via Emily A. Clark)

3. Groupings make everything look bigger and better. 

It’s true at Christmas and all year long. If you have collectibles, glass bottles, candlesticks, etc., displaying them all together will make a bigger impact in the room. It’s kind of the same ideas as to why store displays always make the most ordinary objects look more appealing.
(Photo via Emily A. Clark)

4. Play with non-traditional patterns in traditional Christmas colors. 

If you’re still partial to the reds and greens of the season, take an updated approach by using pillows, table cloths and linens in less-than-traditional patterns. Not everything has to be all silver bells and candy canes to still feel like the season.
(Photo via Emily A. Clark)

5. Mix and match your greenery. 

If you’ve had the same garland for years, freshen it up by mixing in some fresh green pieces or add some artificial birds, blooms or fruits. (The dollar store is a great source for these.) It’s okay to mix real with the fake stuff, flocked with natural, etc. And, I’ll just add that I threw out most of our fake garland and some sad little trees last year, and it was kind of freeing. This year I bought two long strands of fresh greenery for under $25 total, and it’s made me feel so much happier about our Christmas decorations overall.

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