Dying girl receives thousands of Christmas cards

Dying Girl Receives Thousands Of Christmas Cards
Dying Girl Receives Thousands Of Christmas Cards

When a family in Utah was told this Christmas would be their daughter's last, they decided to make the most of it.

Addie Fausett, 6, was perfectly healthy until age 3. Since then, her undiagnosed disease has slowly caused more damage to her brain and stunted her growth.

Her family started a Facebook page and asked anyone to send Addie a lifetime of Christmas cards.

"She doesn't get to play with kids, so we thought if everyone would send her a card, we could tell her they were all her friends and it would make her Christmas a little bit better."

"We're hoping to get a lot so we can cover all the walls for Addie."

And that shouldn't be difficult. Since then, thousands of cards have been sent to the tiny rural town of Fountain Green, Utah from all around the world.

You can send little Addie a Christmas card at her home and make donations to assist with medical bills through Children and Earth.

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