Haley Joel Osment nearly goes unnoticed on the street

Haley Joel Osment Spotted With Tall Girlfriend
Haley Joel Osment Spotted With Tall Girlfriend

Look who found love! Former child star Haley Joel Osment almost blended into the crowd while strolling the streets with his blonde girlfriend in LA, but it's hard to miss a smile as big as his.

Though you likely remember Osment as the little kid from "Sixth Sense" (Spoiler alert -- he sees dead people), the star is all grown up. Now 26, he's still appearing on big and small screens. Recently, he was transformed into a Canadian Nazi sympathizer for "Yoga Hosers," and his unexpected makeover made headlines. "It's not a popular look," he said.

Osment's stroll with his statuesque girlfriend made us think about other star duos with noticeable height differences.

Who could forget how 5'11" beauty Nicole Kidman towered over now ex-husband Tom Cruise? She still has a few inches on hubby Keith Urban, too.

Cruise, who is 5'7'', went on to marry (and eventually divorce) Katie Holmes, who is 5'9".

Remember back in the '90s when Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke were a thing? Those were the days.

Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri made it work in and out of the recording studio for almost a decade before they split.

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