College gymnast Brooke Baures' death possibly a 'freak accident'

New details have emerged about what might have caused the death of a Wisconsin college gymnast.

Brooke Baures, 21, was found death Monday night in a dumbwaiter, a small elevator used to carry food and dishes between floors in the restaurant where she worked.

Buffalo County Sheriff, Mike Schmidtknecht, said the dumbwaiter death was likely a "freak accident" according to the Daily Mail.

According to the latest reports, investigators believe she possibly pushed the elevator button to send it down shortly before her death and then, "noticed something and may have reached for it." They believe she may have gotten caught in that moment and been dragged down with the elevator.

Brooke Baures Death Possibly A 'Freak Accident'
Brooke Baures Death Possibly A 'Freak Accident'

A co-worker found her body a short time later, and made a call to 911. According to Fountain City Police Chief, Jason Mork, the scene emergency crews found was nothing short of graphic.

"To explain more of her specific location, orientation or obvious injuries would require an extremely graphic explanation," Mork told the Winona Daily News.

The Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services are investigating her death.