'Your family will be in danger': Hackers send chilling email to Sony Pictures employees

Massive Hack Takes Down Sony Pictures' Computer System
Massive Hack Takes Down Sony Pictures' Computer System


The hackers presumed responsible for leaking multiple Sony Pictures Entertainment movies have reportedly sent a threatening email to employees of the movie studio.

The hackers responsible for the November 24 attack, who go by the GOP moniker, have already leaked films set for release in the coming weeks, but now they want to erase the studio's existence, according to a copy of the email obtained by Variety.

"Removing Sony Pictures on earth is a very tiny work for our group which is a worldwide organization," wrote the hackers. "And what we have done so far is only a small part of our further plan."

Employees were immediately advised to turn off all handheld devices after receiving the email, according to the trade publication.

"It's your false if you if you think this crisis will be over after some time," the missive continued. "All hope will leave you and Sony Pictures will collapse.

"This situation is only due to Sony Pictures. Sony Pictures is responsible for whatever the result is. Sony Pictures clings to what is good to nobody from the beginning."

The hackers also claimed Sony Pictures "makes only silly efforts" and urged the company's employees to sign a petition condemning the studio.

"If you don't, not only you but your family will be in danger," said the chilling email.

A company spokesperson told Variety that law enforcement are investigating.

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