13-pound, 13 ounce baby girl is a big surprise

Record-Setting 13-Pound Baby Girl a Big Surprise
Record-Setting 13-Pound Baby Girl a Big Surprise

Many consider 13 an unlucky number -- but not this proud papa!

Francisco Garcia explains to KDVR, "[The mother is] like, 'Come here, come here ... come here, run' I went and I'm like, 'What happened?' And she's like, "check out this"... And I went and I checked, and it was 13 pounds, 13 ounces!"

He says the nurse was nearly as surprised as he was when they saw the numbers pop up on the scale. Mia Yasmin Hernandez was born on Monday by C-section at the San Luis Valley hospital.

"Even from San Valley," the father explains, "They were like 'whoa!' they opened their eyes like, they never seen a baby like that!"

Francisco's wife, Alisha Hernandez, was expecting to give birth on December 4th, but she was also expecting a 7-pound baby.

The proud father adds, "She beat the record from the whole family right now ... We're so happy though!"

Francisco and his wife Alisha have four other daughters at home -- one set of twins -- and none of them were even close to this big.

"Both together, they weighed 12 pounds ... Yeah, we got this by surprise," says Garcia.

Following Mia's birth on Monday, Mia was flown to children's hospital in Aurora due to respiratory difficulty and low levels of glucose. Happy to report: beautiful Mia is now stable.

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