'Pawn Stars:' Rick Harrison is obsessed with this hovercraft

'Pawn Stars:' Rick Harrison Is Obsessed With This Hovercraft
'Pawn Stars:' Rick Harrison Is Obsessed With This Hovercraft

"Pawn Stars" star Rick Harrison has proven once again that he's an absolute sucker for weird vehicles. First an amphicar and now... a hovercraft.

"I am nerding out so hard right now I really want this thing if I can get it for a decent price," Rick Harrison said on "Pawn Stars." "That is Mad Max right there dude."

"It looks like a riding lawnmower on dirt," replied Corey Harrison.

"Please don't hit my truck, please don't hit my truck," said Rick.

Yes, Harrison actually called the item "The coolest thing I've ever seen in my life."

Now with all of the things he has seen in his time at the shop, we think that may be an exaggeration, but who knows.

The only thing that tripped up the negotiations though was its use. Harrison said, for the hovercraft to be legal to use in Las Vegas' Lake Mead, it would need to have an updated 2006 EPA-compliant sticker on its motor.

According to the U.S. National Park Service, Lake Mead has a lot more activities than boating or umm... hovercrafting. It's also a spot to fish, swim, kayak, hunt, hike, and scuba, among other activities.

So without that necessary sticker Harrison didn't offer to buy it as-is. But he did say if and when the seller ever got that sticker, he would buy it for a smooth $4,000.

Fans on Twitter seemed evenly split on the coolness of the hovercraft. Some people thought it was interesting, but others tweeted they would have passed on that purchase.

But if seeing this lit a fire in you that could only be put out from the gusts of wind from your very own hovercraft, you're in luck.

Various hovercraft are currently available on eBay for between about $3,300 and $12,000. Guess it's time to crack open that piggy bank.

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