Pippa reportedly threw Kate a pink baby shower

Media Infatuated with Kate's Rumored Pink Baby Shower
Media Infatuated with Kate's Rumored Pink Baby Shower

If you believe the headlines, Kate Middleton is having a little princess.

The rumor mill started churning after Kate's sister, Pippa, reportedly threw her an all-pink baby shower complete with pink pomp and circumstance.

We haven't seen any photos proving this gala was pink and fit for royalty, though.

Star Magazine spoke to an "insider" - somebody who's surely trustworthy and a true friend to the royal family - who said Kate's been having recurring dreams of having a little lady.

At least MyDaily acknowledged this could all just be ... well, a lie.

"Of course, there's no official confirmation that this event actually took place, but the thought of a little sister for Prince George is adorable and we want it to happen," the writer says.

If nothing else, maybe we can catch a glimpse of that baby bump next week when the royal couple travels to the U.S. Dec. 7-10.

"They'll visit the 9/11 memorial, a few museums. They'll also catch an NBA basketball game."

Here's what we do know for sure: The Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant, and well, it's going to be a girl ... or a boy.

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