Costco facts you need to know

Costco Facts You Need to Know
Costco Facts You Need to Know

We all know that Kirkland signature is Costco's name brand, but private label products are often made in the same factories as name brands.

It's been rumored that Jim Beam produces Kirkland brand bourbon, and that Grey Goose makes their vodka. In 2012, Costco was the biggest importer of high-end French wines in the world.

Did you know you could buy a car at participating Costco dealerships? You can also buy caskets.

Technically speaking, Costco is one of the largest pizza chains in the United States. With more than 400 stores, it's slightly smaller than Chuck E. Cheese's.

Costco stocks limited–time luxury items around the store on purpose. The call it a "treasure hunt." How fun!

According to IMDB, the pie from "American Pie" was purchased at Costco.

Costco employees are some of the best paid retail workers. The average pay rate is $20.89 per hour.

Minimal item display helps maintain Costco's low prices. Less setup work for the store means deeper discounts for customers.

Nonmembers can use the pharmacy, which is a cheap place for generic drugs.

There is no limit on food samples.

They sell five times as many hot dogs as all MLB stadiums combined. A hot dog and soda combo has cost $1.50 for almost 30 years.

Never change, Costco.

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