Amazon accidentally sends man $5,000 worth of packages

Amazon Mistakenly Sends $5,000 In Gifts To UK Student
Amazon Mistakenly Sends $5,000 In Gifts To UK Student

One young man got an early Christmas present this year when Amazon mistakenly sent South London engineering student Robert Quinn more that $5000 worth of merchandise.

Quinn was honest enough to report the mistake but the e-commerce retailer said he could keep the loot. Among the items he received are a 55 inch Samsung 3D TV, a leaf blower and an ironing board.

So, what does the 22-year-old plan to do with his new gifts? Quinn said he plans to donate some items to charity and sell some back to Amazon.

With the extra cash, the Amazon shopper said he might take his girlfriend on vacation, but, more importantly, he may try and patent the electric cannabis grinder he's developing.

Quinn says the mistake, which he believes is the result of a computer glitch routing customer returns to his address, may not yet have been resolved since he is still receiving packages.

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