Chevron gas station glitch leads to 29 cent fuel in Louisiana

Gas Station Glitch Leads to Cheap Fuel in Louisiana
Gas Station Glitch Leads to Cheap Fuel in Louisiana

A gas station in Louisiana made a big mistake by selling gas for 29 cents a gallon.

"Gas station attendants say the pumps went haywire. There's no other explanation as to why the prices were so low," KSLA reporter Nicolette Schleisman says.

"I filled my truck up for about $3," one man says.

The last time gas was priced that low was in the 1960s, when the average gallon cost 31 cents.

The problem at the Natchitoches Chevron gas station wasn't solved for eight hours. An attendant said people filled up everything from gas canisters to boats.

HLN's Robin Meade felt bad: "I feel badly for the owners, that's for sure. Somebody's going to have to pay."

Meade might be the only one feeling some guilt, and she didn't even fill up! The word quickly spread, and the line to fill up backed clear to the highway.

That 29 cents really is a stark comparison to what Americans usually pay to fill up. Currently, CNN says the cheapest gas is in Oklahoma City, where it fell below $2 per gallon. The report says Virginia, Missouri, South Carolina and Texas might follow suit.

The gas station wasn't sure how many gallons were pumped during the glitch.

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