World record for biggest nativity scene broken in Utah

World Record For Biggest Nativity Scene Broken In Utah
World Record For Biggest Nativity Scene Broken In Utah

There's a world record for everything, including the world's largest live nativity scene.

With any record, come all the people who want to break it. The world record for the most people participating in a nativity scene was broken Dec. 1 in Provo, Utah, KUTV reports.

"The number to beat was 896 out of England just last year ... final number [was] 1,039 people as well as a camel and some sheep. A representative from Guinness World Records was on hand," a reporter for KSL-TV says.

The nativity scene is of course the recreation of the Virgin Mary and Joseph the night Mary gave birth in the manger.

According to Slate, the history of the nativity scene started in 1223 when St. Francis of Assisi staged the very first one.

And today we have people breaking records for who can stage the biggest one. Nothing like a little competition to get you in the Christmas spirit.

But it wasn't just a walk in Christmas park. All of those 1,039 people needed costumes. The Daily Herald says 50 families helped sew the costumes. They were probably dreaming of sugarplums and hems. Lots of hems.

After the nativity scene, musicians of different denominations got together to play. One participant praised the gathering, calling it an "interfaith event."

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