'Why did you have to shoot him?' Devastated girl, 9, writes letter to Phoenix cop who killed her father

Protests Over Decision by a New York Grand Jury Spread as Far as the U.S. West Coast
Protests Over Decision by a New York Grand Jury Spread as Far as the U.S. West Coast


The young daughter of an unarmed black male gunned down by a white Phoenix cop this week has written a letter to the police department.

Rumain Brisbon, 34, was shot dead Tuesday night during what police have called a "drug bust." The father of three briefly fled police before they shot him during a struggle, according to the Arizona Republic. The nine-year-old's heartbreaking letter is addressed to the cop who killed her father.

"To the officer who killed my dad, let me tell you something -- you [hurt] three little girls that look up to their dad," wrote the devastated girl, named Aiyana.

"Did you ever think if he had kids, people important in his life?" She asked. "Now he won't be here for any important moments in our life."

Aiyana revealed her birthday is only two days before Christmas: "He's not going to be there."

Brisbon will also miss the upcoming birthdays of daughters Serenity, seven-years-old, and Skylar -- who is not yet even one-year-old.

"He's not going to see his little girls grow up," wrote Aiyana. "Why did you have to shot [sic] him two times in the back? Did you have to shot? [sic] You could have taze [sic] him."

Aiyana asks if the cop shot her father because he is black and the officer is white. She says his children would be just as devastated if he was killed.

"He was a great man and father ... my parents are the bestest [sic] thing that ever happen [sic] to me," she continued. "You took a good man's life, you mad [sic] the wrong choice.

"So not thanks a lot."

The letter was made public only hours after it was revealed the shooting officer somehow mistook a pill vial for a gun.

Phoenix police officers responded around 6:00 p.m. to 911 calls about a suspected drug deal, said Sgt. Trent Crump, a Phoenix police spokesman.

The drug deal was reportedly happening inside a black Cadillac Escalade SUV whose license plate was provided to police by local residents.

Police ran the license plate number and discovered the owner's name (Brisbon) and address, according to KPHO. Police responded to the address and were directed to the SUV, which was parked nearby.

Brisbon, according to police, exited the vehicle and reached for something in the back. When told to show his hands, Brisbon reportedly shoved them in either his pocket or waistband.

The officer then drew his weapon.

Brisbon then took off on foot, running towards an apartment complex, police said. Police pursued on foot shouting for Brisbon to get on the ground; he allegedly instead shouted profanity at the cop.

The officer soon caught up to and tackled Brisbon, witnesses told police. A struggle ensued, Brisbon tried to pull something out of his left pocket, the officer fought to keep the suspect's hand in the pocket.

They stumbled into an apartment, according to a police statement, the officer feared for his life and fired two rounds into Brisbon's upper torso.

CPR was immediately performed, but Brisbon was pronounced dead at the scene.

A vial containing oxycodone tablets was in Brisbon's left pocket, police said. He was armed with painkillers.

A loaded handgun was found on the passenger side floor of Brisbon's SUV, but he did not have it on his person while interacting with the police. Marijuana was also found in the vehicle.

Further complicating matters is Brisbon's criminal record.

He has multiple DUI arrests, three since 2011; as well as marijuana possession and driving on a suspended license arrests.

Brisbon has no violent crime arrests or charges on his rap sheet. But he does have four young children who are now without a father.

A solidarity rally has been planned for Thursday night in Phoenix, according to multiple Facebook pages organizing the event.

None of the details matter to the protestors, especially in the wake of Eric Garner, Tamir Rice and Michael Brown being shot dead by white officers.

All were black, male and unarmed –- same as Brisbon.

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