Police officer, 73-year-old form a special bond

Police Officer and Elderly Widow Form Rare Bond
Police Officer and Elderly Widow Form Rare Bond

With so much distrust between communities and police officers these days, it's rare to see a story in the news about friendship. But in DeSoto, Texas, a suburb smack dab in the middle of the Lone Star State, Officer John Holder and 73-year-old Dorothy Shepard formed an unlikely bond.

Six months ago, Dorothy was home alone when Officer John Holder stopped by for a well-being check while she was recovering from both knee and back surgeries and couldn't leave the house. Shepard is a widow who lives alone. Now, her weekly rides in a squad car give her freedom and a new friend.

Shepard and Officer Holder sat down with local ABC station WFAA. "It was so unexpected that I started rambling," she said to a reporter. "He listened; he was patient."

"She just struck me as someone who really needed someone to care and help her out," Holder said.
"He said, 'I'll give you my cell phone; if you ever need anything, call me.' And as it turns out, the next day I did need a ride!"

For the last six months, the officer has helped her go to nearly every doctor's visit and grocery run -- mostly while off-duty.

This act of kindness goes beyond the job, and Holder says he doesn't want attention, he didn't even tell his superiors about his new friend.

But last week, Officer Holder was caught "red-handed" when a fellow shopper snapped photos of the pair picking up Shepard's thanksgiving groceries at a local Wal-Mart.

The DeSoto Police Department posted the photos on their Facebook page and the community showed an outpouring of support.

"I thought it was pretty amazing, all the great comments on there, since law enforcement is often seen in a negative light," Holder to ABC 8.

As for Shepard, she said she is is glad her new friend is getting the praise he deserves.

Of course, this isn't the first kind act that's gone viral in Wal-Mart. In July, a woman was snapped buying diapers for a stranger in the store, and just this week, Hell's Angels bought out all the bikes in one Calif. store for some thrilled kids.

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