Oklahoma City woman claims she received counterfeit money from Wal-Mart

Woman Says Walmart Gave Her Fake Money
Woman Says Walmart Gave Her Fake Money

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A single mother says when she cashed her check at Wal-Mart they gave her a fake one hundred dollar bill.

The mother of three says she's furious and humiliated.

She said she tried to use the money to buy groceries and was treated like a criminal.

"I had a little bit extra, I was excited about from working the holiday, Thanksgiving, so that little extra was taken away from me. It's just a horrible feeling," Kayla Benham says.

Money taken from her because it turns out it was fake.

"On Saturday between 6 and 7, I went to cash it at the Wal-Mart on the Northwest Expressway and Council," Benham said.

She left with her money in hand never thinking Wal-Mart, a billion-dollar company, might hand her fake bills.

"I tried to buy some groceries at Buy For Less, they gave me a strange look and told me the bill was counterfeit," Benham says.

She marched back into the Wal-Mart and spoke with the manager demanding answers and her money.

"He was like, 'Well, there's nothing we can do, you could have went out and got that and just brought it back to us.' I'm not that kind of citizen," Benham remembers.

When the managers tried to check the bill themselves, they didn't have marking pens.

"People are coming in the store everyday paying, getting money orders for rent with 100 dollar bills, how are you checking those hundred-dollar bills," Benham said.

Police also told her it was a dead-end, so this mother reached out to KFOR asking for help.

KFOR then called Wal-Mart.

"A little before you came, they called me and said, 'Oh, we'll honor that bill, well, I wonder why they said that?'" Benham says.

KFOR followed her to the store and after brief wait she came out.

"They did not give me a hundred-dollar bill that's for sure, they gave me 20's!" Benham said.

A mother of three was reunited with the cash meant for Christmas Day.

"Thank you so much! It's not a lot, but I made a point," Benham told KFOR graciously.

When we spoke with Wal-Mart officials they told us they take incidents like this very seriously and would launch an investigation.

Police say a report has been filed and they're also investigating.

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