Husband pulls off second incredible anniversary surprise

Man Surprises Wife With Surprise Holiday
Man Surprises Wife With Surprise Holiday

No offense to all the wonderfully thoughtful husbands out there, but we're pretty sure Derrick has you beat when it comes to surprise anniversary gifts.

"I have some good news," he told his wife as she came up the stairs. "You actually don't have to go to work today. I'm not going to work, either. And you're definitely going to need this [hands her Euros] cause we're going to the airport. You got about an hour and a half to pack a bag, I'm not kidding. Go pack a bag."

Instead of heading to the office, the duo was about to hop a cab -- then a plane -- for Belgium.

The video, uploaded in 2013, has just gone viral ... along with another clip uploaded back in 2009.

Yep, this isn't the first time Derrick has pulled off an incredible surprise. Five years ago, his wife was similarly lost for words.

For his first wedding anniversary with his wife, YouTube uploader Derrick decided to surprise her with a trip to Miami and a cruise through the Bahamas.

Husband Surprises Wife for First Wedding Anniversary
Husband Surprises Wife for First Wedding Anniversary

While on their way to "lunch," Derrick broke the news: He got her time off from work, their bags were packed and her mom and dad were at the airport waiting for them. "How much do you love me!?" he teased.

After she recovered from the shock, her joy turned to practical confusion. "Who's feeding the cats!?" she asked. Of course, her husband had thought of that too -- so don't worry, the cats were all set.

"I have to say, this morning I thought we were going to a cabin somewhere," she admitted. "I just got a feeling when you ... uhm ... oh my God. I'm in shock," she managed to say.

Here's hoping their vacations were as incredible as the surprises.

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