Andy Cohen gives details on his scary accident on 'WWHL'

Andy Cohen Gives Details On His Scary Accident On 'WWHL'
Andy Cohen Gives Details On His Scary Accident On 'WWHL'

Fans of entertainment shows and Bravo can rest easy - Andy Cohen is okay!

Cohen went on "Watch What Happens Live" Wednesday night and thanked his fans for their words of support after what he called a freak accident sent him to the emergency room the night before.

"I felt my head and it was blood everywhere," Andy Cohen said on "Watch What Happens Live."
"Did you get staples?" asked guest Rachael Ray.

"And I went to the emergency room and I have three staples in my head," said Cohen.
"Unbelievable!" Ray replied.
"Staples! Yes, right here do you see? Yes there are staples in my head," Cohen said.

Cohen is reportedly doing just fine though, obviously bouncing back quickly enough to do his show the next day. In an article on Bravo, he discussed how it all went down.

"A mirror that had been leaning against a wall for ten years decided to make a run for it and landed on my head ... I can't get over that I have three staples in my head."

A reporter with ABC also quoted him as saying, "SO grateful that Lenox Hill ER opened downtown."
Several fans couldn't help but wonder, though, if this accident maybe happened after a drink or two. But Cohen said, and we quote, "I was totally sobes."

Well anyway, we wish you a speedy recovery, Andy, and we hope you don't get seven years of bad luck for this one.

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