Two men charged with raping drunk, underage teen at Baltimore fraternity party

2 Suspects Arrested In John Hopkins University Rape Case
2 Suspects Arrested In John Hopkins University Rape Case


Two men have been charged with raping a drunk, underage girl at a Baltimore fraternity house.

Chaz Higgins, 20, and Ethan Turner, 19, raped the 16-year-old during an off-campus party for a John's Hopkins University fraternity, police say. They are being held without bail.

The teen told police both men coerced her into a bathroom during the November 2 party and forced her to perform sex acts on them before then taking turns raping her, the Baltimore Sun reported.

She reportedly had a blood-alcohol-content of .11 when the 1:30 a.m. sexual assault is alleged to have occurred. The teen attended the party while visiting her older sister, a Hopkins student.

The school banned all social events at fraternities within a week of the allegations surfacing, according to the Sun.

That restriction has since been scaled back to Greek organizations agreeing "to hold no 'open' parties and to use party monitors," Hopkins told the paper through a spokesperson.

Open parties allow people who are not on a specified guest list to attend. Neither man accused in the assault is affiliated with the school, the Washington Post previously reported.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon, which sponsored the party, has been suspended while the school conducts an investigation into the sex assault claims and other possible violations – including underage drinking.

The underage victim's BAC was nearly three times the .04% threshold normally considered for charging drivers in the state of Maryland with DWI.

Both Higgins and Turner each face multiple counts including first- and second-degree rape and conspiracy to commit first- and second-degree rape, records showed.

They are currently sitting in the Baltimore City Detention Center.

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