The internet loves Cerulean, 11-year-old Jeopardy! star

The Internet Loves Cerulean the 11-Year-Old Jeopardy Star
The Internet Loves Cerulean the 11-Year-Old Jeopardy Star

Cerulean has taken the internet by storm. No, not the color, the 11-year-old Jeopardy! wiz kid. The sixth grader from Brooklyn, New York is the first winner of the longtime trivia show's annual Kids Week taking home about $25,000.

Cerulean attends a gifted and talented school on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and is an avid Jeopardy! watcher, even keeping track of his scores. He says being on the show is a dream come true.

Why is this particular pre-teen winner so different than others?

Twitter user Evan Avery Birch sums it up tweeting: "Cerulean has 2 moms. Wears a bow tie. And is REALLY SMART."

Yes, Cerulean does seem to take his fashion cues from Bill Nye the Science Guy, and he's really smart ... really, really. smart.

He nailed a Daily Double question with the answer 'barometer' earning him 11 thousand bucks. What does an 11-year-old smarty pants plan to do with 25K?

Probably exactly what you'd expect: He'll put it in his college fund and save some so it collects interest. Cerulean won the first episode of a weeklong Jeopardy kids tournament and based on his performance there, we're pretty sure he could kick some major adult butt in the standard Jeopardy! game.

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