Publishing house changes series name after little girl writes in

Publishing House Changes Series Name After Little Girl Writes In
Publishing House Changes Series Name After Little Girl Writes In

A series of books about bugs, dinosaurs and pirates has a new title after one 7-year-old California girl wrote the publisher complaining the books were originally advertised as being for boys.

"Biggest, Baddest Books for Boys. ... Girls can like bugs, too. I told Dad that we needed to do something," Parker Dains told KPIX.

With the help of her father, Parker Dains wrote to Abdo Publishing to express her concern about the line on the book's back cover.

"When I saw the back cover, it said 'Biggest Baddest Books for Boys,' and it made me very unhappy," Parker said, reading from the letter she wrote.

A few weeks later, the publishing house, which specializes in educational books, wrote Parker back saying they loved her idea.

The San Jose Mercury News reports that Abdo Publishing wrote: "You brought up a very good point: there should certainly be a 'Biggest Baddest Books for Boys' for everyone. After all, girls can like 'boy' things too!"

Abdo Publishing isn't the only publishing house making changes to its books.

In November, The Guardian reported London-based Ladybird Books said it didn't want "to be seen to be limiting children in any way," so it dropped its "boy" and "girl" labels from all titles such as "Ladybird Favourite Stories for Boys."

Ladybird is just one of several companies that have partnered up with the parent-led Let Books Be Books campaign, which calls on publishers to make their books gender-neutral.

Parker, who hopes to be either a writer or a circus owner when she grows up, has already received a new set of books from Abdo Publishing titled simply "Biggest Baddest Books." They will be available for purchase in 2015.

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