Military mom surprises son before the holidays

Military Mom Surprises Son Before the Holidays
Military Mom Surprises Son Before the Holidays

RANCHO CORDOVA (FOX 40) - It was the surprise of a lifetime for one little boy at St. John Vianney School in Rancho Cordova. He got everything he wanted for the Holidays: His mother came home.

Sharlene Gallardo was serving our country in the Middle East, and hadn't seen her son Gabriel in over nine months, until she came through the school gymnasium doors Tuesday morning.

"I couldn't keep a straight face; I just wanted to see him," Gallardo said with tears of joy streaming down her face. She is a soldier, a mother, a wife and a daughter.

Sharlene stood behind a door in an unbelievable feat of secrecy to surprise her 4-year-old son. In the gym, Principal Ada Lee-Bauman spoke of heroes. Little did Gabriel know, the hero she was talking about was his very own mother. He saw his mother walk up to him with open arms, and those arms closed firmly around him as he jumped up to meet her.

Gabriel said, "I want to stay with my mommy."

Gabriel's dad has been serving in South America supporting the Navy Seals. Clearly it's not just mom and dad serving our country, but Gabriel as well. He has to be brave, living with his grandparents while his parents are gone.

Gabriel will get his wish for at least a while, as his mom will be home for ten days, then leave as his dad makes it home for Christmas.

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