'Lonely' mouse seeks a new companion

Lonely Mouse Seeks a New Companion
Lonely Mouse Seeks a New Companion

When filmmaker Joakim Odelberg heard a strange "peeping" coming from his kitchen in the early morning hours, he decided to investigate. He assumed it was his cat playing with a squeaky toy, but he quickly realized the kitty was in the bedroom with him.

He dashed downstairs and realized that the culprit was a teeny mouse who had apparently fallen for the cat's toy mouse.

"When I went downstairs to see what it was I saw the mouse playing with it on the floor. Then it got scared and ran under the cupboard. It was then I rigged the camera and left it. The toy mouse was already there on the floor. We identified it as a Yellow necked mouse, common to woodland areas," Odelberg wrote in an email to StoryFul.

"Despite the creature's best attempts to impress a new 'friend', his affection for the stuffed toy would go tragically unrequited," he wrote.

Alas, parting is such squeaky -- er, sweet -- sorrow.

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