Gabrielle Union does the 'Bring It On' cheer on 'WWHL'

Gabrielle Union Butchers 'Bring It On' Cheer On 'WWHL'
Gabrielle Union Butchers 'Bring It On' Cheer On 'WWHL'


On "Watch What Happens Live," Gabrielle Union granted a very special request from several viewers. And she really brought it.

"Brr... something's cold in here. There must be some Clovers in the atmosphere. I said oh wee, oh wee oh, ice ice ice," Gabrielle Union said on "Watch What Happens Live."

While the cheer wasn't perfect, you gotta give her credit. "Bring It On" did come out 14 years ago. Feeling old yet? (Video via Universal Pictures / "Bring It On")

Her cheer may have not been flawless, but as Daily Mail pointed out last year, her looks certainly are, saying she's "still got a cheerleader's body."

And fans on Twitter naturally freaked out with nostalgia over the cheer, saying that Gabrielle still looks amazing after all these years. Get it, girl!

To see what Gabrielle has been up to lately, she's starring in the new movie "Top Five," which hits theaters Dec. 12. It's no "Bring It On," but we guess it'll do. Go Clovers! (Video viaParamount Pictures / "Top Five")

Gabrielle Union today:

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