Brian Williams slow-jams the news again -- and it's pretty awesome

Brian Williams Slow Jammed the News Again, and It Was Epic
Brian Williams Slow Jammed the News Again, and It Was Epic


On the "Tonight Show," NBC anchor Brian Williams made a special appearance for everyone's favorite segment: Slow Jam the News. And it was awesome.

"My Pres. Obama don't -"

"My Pres. Obama don't -"

"My Pres. Obama don't want none until you pass bills, hon!" (Video via NBC / "Tonight Show")

Brian just recently celebrated his 10th year anniversary behind the "Nightly News" desk, and he's still just as awesome as he was on Day One.

And the anchor even poked fun at Jimmy Fallon for his lack of tenure at the "Tonight Show," saying that nobody counts his time behind the desk at "Late Night." Burn!

[All the slow jams:]

Not only that, but Brian also did an adorable plug for his daughter Allison Williams' role on the upcoming "Peter Pan Live!" special on NBC. What a dad move.

But The Daily Beast pointed out the fact that the cast is extremely self-aware about how people will react to the one night special. And it isn't good.

"A lot of people watched last year's big, splashy, one-night-only televised staging of 'The Sound of Music Live!' on NBC. And a lot of people hated it... 'Peter Pan Live!' is a must-hatewatch event."

Hate watching aside, "Peter Pan Live!" airs on Dec. 4 at 8/7c, and you can be sure proud dad Brian will be tuning in.

Watch the full segment here and below:

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