'Young and the Restless' actor spends Thanksgiving in hospital after hit and run

Soap Opera Actor Recovering From Hit And Run
Soap Opera Actor Recovering From Hit And Run

Model and actor Corey Sligh decided to bring Thanksgiving dinner to a Rite Aid employee who had to work during the holiday, and ended up in the hospital, recovering from a hit and run.

Two men allegedly attacked the "Young and the Restless" actor after he yelled at them to stop driving recklessly in the store's parking lot.

"The next thing I know, I hear squealing tires behind me and I'm up on the hood of a car," said Sligh.

Sligh broke his arm after the men hit him with their car and then got out of the vehicle to beat him. Police arrested the suspects after they crashed their car fleeing the scene, and charged the driver with assault with a deadly weapon.

Despite his injuries, Sligh remains in good spirits, telling the Wrap that he's happy to have to relearn to walk rather than not be able to walk at all.

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