Reporter dodges bullets during interview about local shooting

W.Va. Reporter Dodges Bullets During Interview
W.Va. Reporter Dodges Bullets During Interview

We've heard of reporters covering stories, but it's rare when the reporters themselves become the story.

ABC reports, "A reporter from our Charleston, West Virginia, affiliate got quite the scare during an interview. While conducting that interview, he said a gunman started shooting in his direction."

That's what happened to WCHS reporter Sean Delancey over the weekend when he went to follow up on a shooting in the area.

"Are they really shooting?" asked a woman Delancey had been interviewing.

"Yes. Yes. Yes." Delancey said.

You could hear shots ringing out, whizzing by the camera. Delancey says he saw three or four men flee the area after the shots but couldn't tell who was holding the gun.

He told WCHS after the incident, "When I heard the first shot, my whole body went stiff. It was only when I got behind the car you realized how close it was because you could hear that zip."

It's a rare occurrence, but not unheard of. A similar situation happened in July in Michigan when an elderly man allegedly fired a gun at a WXYZ news crew that came knocking on his door.

One of the reporters said, "As I was leaving and was on the street, the man came onto the porch, looked at me, and fired a shot at about 10 feet away."

No injuries were reported in either of these incidents.

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