Puppy wakes up from his nap to sing along to 'Let It Go'

Puppy Wakes Up and Sings Along to
Puppy Wakes Up and Sings Along to


Disney's "Frozen" isn't just for people -- Elsa mania is also sweeping the dog population. According to the Daily Mail, Brittany Boll of California managed to capture her Australian Shepherd on tape singing along to "Let It Go."

Oakley, who is training to be a therapy dog according to BuzzFeed, is fast asleep while Charli XCX's "Boom Clap" is coming through the speakers. However, as soon the pup hears Idina Menzel belting out the Disney ballad, Oakley is all ears. The shepherd even tries to howl along with the Broadway star.

But as soon as "Boom Clap" is back on, Oakley is ready to go back to sleep.

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