Man's rescue from iced-over Iowa river caught on camera

Man Rescued From Icy Idaho River
Man Rescued From Icy Idaho River


Rescue crews pulled this man out of the icy cold waters of the Des Moines River Monday afternoon.

Authorities say they got the call about the man around 1:30 p.m. and witnesses told officials they saw him jump into the water.

He was clinging to ice in the river as workers in wet suits used a boat to bring him back to safety...but getting him out was no easy task.

KCCI reports the air temperature was 14 degrees and at one point a crew member fell through the ice trying to get to him.

"Fortunately he didn't get under the ice. But as you saw the challenge of the thickness ... it wouldn't support our body's weight so that's why we brought that new rescue boat that we have that allows us to slide it across ice."

Its not clear how the man got into the water, although several sources report at one point he started swimming away from rescuers and resisted help. He's since been taken to the hospital for treatment.

Earlier this year, two young brothers were rescued from the same river after they fell through thin ice.

Corbin and Dylan Crawford said they were throwing rocks near the bank of the Des Moines River Dylan's shoe got stuck. Corbin went to help him but they both fell into the freezing water.

Fortunately firefighters arrived in time to rescue them and no one suffered serious injuries.

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