Janice Dickinson: Bill Cosby 'is a monster'

Janice Dickinson: Bill Cosby 'Is A Monster'
Janice Dickinson: Bill Cosby 'Is A Monster'

"I would like Cosby to come out and acknowledge that he is a pig, that he is a monster!"
Supermodel Janice Dickinson has some strong words for Bill Cosby.

In an interview with CNN, she describes in graphic detail how the comedian allegedly drugged and raped her during a dinner at Lake Tahoe in 1982.

"The last thing I remember is blacking out and Cosby mounting me like the monster that he was. And I remember thinking, 'What the heck?'"

Dickinson is the second accuser to speak with CNN about Cosby.

Joan Tarshis told CNN she was a teenager when Cosby assaulted her in a very similar fashion, 45 years ago.

"He made me a drink...and very shortly after that I just, I passed out. I woke up or came to very groggily with him removing my underwear."

The string of sex abuse allegations involving 13 women have hit Cosby hard over the past month.

Netflix nixed its November special with the comedian titled "Bill Cosby at 77."

And his appearance on CBS' "Late Show with David Letterman" was cancelled.

He was set to star in a family comedy sitcom on NBC, but that was called off mid-November.

Most recently, the embattled comedian stepped down from Temple University's board of trustees after 32 years. The 77-year-old often spoke with students and offered life advice.

Watch Dickinson's interview with CNN here:

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