'It's so gross': Woman finds giant bug in Chop't salad, vows to never eat there again


Salad chain Chop't has likely lost a loyal New York customer after she found a giant bug in her salad Tuesday afternoon.

Kate Hackenberg, 24, ordered a salad from the 23rd Street location, in Manhattan, as she often has for the past two years, and ate several bites before making the horrifying discovery.

"I was probably about one bite away from getting the bug," she told AOL News. "Luckily I glanced over and saw it, so disgusting."

Hackenberg, who is a product director for digital creative agency Wondersauce, made the order using popular ordering website Seamless. Her office is nearby, she often eats at her desk.

"I liked Chop't, you just waited at your desk, [they] delivered it, and it was pretty inexpensive," said Hackenberg.

This is the first time she had such an incident with the restaurant, but a quick poll of her co-workers revealed they had also had similar incidents.

"Someone said they had a similar experience with Chop't," she said.

A quick scan of the company's Twitter page showed the company's overworked social media team has responded to several complaints of unwanted ingredients in their salad – just on Tuesday alone.

The excessive apologizing did not go unnoticed by Hackenberg. Nor did the company's lack of a response to her complaint.

"I don't think I'll order from Chop't again," she lamented. "I don't know if I'll even eat for a couple days.

"It's so gross."

A call to the 23rd Street store was answered by a manager named Millie. She declined to comment and provided a "number for corporate" that has been disconnected.

Further AOL News attempts to reach someone with the company were also unsuccessful.

Hackenberg, for her part, said a refund might help convince her to try the chain again, but admitted Chop't is likely dead to her.

"I don't trust the salads," she said. "If I were to get another salad from Chop't, I would always be on alert."

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