Arizona Cardinals LB Darnell Dockett live-tweeted jury duty and catcalled Malia Obama on Instagram



The Arizona Cardinals might want to consider taking away linebacker Darnell Dockett's social media privileges.

The star player live-tweeted a Tuesday jury duty appearance in which he fired off dozens of tweets ridiculing the whole process before later in the day making creepy comments on multiple Instagram postings of a picture of the president's 16-year-old daughter.

His grand jury live-tweeting received plenty of attention, most of it laughing, but the comments made about Malia Obama furrowed more than a few eyebrows.

Dockett originally commented "Omgggg" to a picture of Barack Obama's youngest daughter with the following caption: "When [sic] her prom?"

He then corrected the original poster's poor grammar and posted the picture on his own Instagram account.

"When is her prom?" Dockett wrote.

Both posts have since been deleted by the All-Pro, but they both came on the same day he infamously live-tweeted while serving jury duty.

Dockett claimed to believe at least one of the accused criminals was innocent, that he did not want to be there and even that he was double-parked in a handicap space outside the courthouse with a gun in the car.

Dockett's eventful day began with cursing his jury duty before admitting he was tweeting non-stop in a bid to be sent home.

Hours later he was still tweeting about how he answered questions, and even shot a picture of the courtroom.

"I wonder if they know I'm tweeting?" Dockett asked. "Oh well, they shouldn't have selected me."

He said the accused resembled one of his friends before bragging about his parking job outside.

"They have no idea Im [sic] am double parked in a handicap spot out side this court house [sic] in a 450k car with a registered pistol," said the linebacker. "Who am I to judge?"

Dockett then was told he couldn't eat and responded by ordering a pizza and walking into another courtroom.

"Pizza on the way," he said.

"I'm the wrong guy to be put on jury duty," he continued. "Dude is innocent in my book. It's all he say and she say. I wish I could talk to the guy."

The sheer volume of tweets began to take a toll on Dockett's iPhone battery.

"I'm about to ask the big ass police officer can I use his mophie off his iPhone my batt [sic] going low!" He wrote. "He better say yeah!"

Dockett's tweets continued for about an hour longer before petering out around 4:30 EST.

He and the first-place Cardinals take on the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday afternoon.


Darnell Dockett Mocks Raiders Fans After Win
Darnell Dockett Mocks Raiders Fans After Win

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