Adidas reveals official 2015 NBA All-Star uniforms (photo)

We are still months away from the NBA All-Star Game in New York but already adidas has given the world a look at the uniforms that will be worn during the festivities. In what could seem like the total opposite of the New York style, adidas has gone with a minimalist approach to the uniforms.

Then again, New York has always had a low-key feel to the city despite it being one of the most extravagant and robust cities in the world. The All-Star jerseys don't flaunt it though, which is so New York, and the minimalist approach fits in with the hipster culture that is taking over the boroughs.

The official look at the 2015 NBA All-Star jerseys were revealed on Tuesday morning by adidas:

It's not a flamboyant look, to say the least, but it still refs with New York style and swagger. The city has never been outwardly full of itself, it just knows it's full of itself. These aren't fashion statement jerseys, they're an embodiment of a city and while not everyone will be a fan it seems adidas has at least attempted to do something with the All-Star jerseys rather than just make them another thing to sell.

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