Wife surprises husband with mini-wedding on seventh anniversary

Wife Surprises Husband for Wedding Anniversary
Wife Surprises Husband for Wedding Anniversary


Talk about a blushing bride and a bashful groom!

For their seventh anniversary, Chrissy decided to give her husband a surprise he would never forget -- and now that she's uploaded the video, the entire web can melt right along with him.

Though the video just went viral, Chrissy explained to Storyful that she and her husband were celebrating their big day on June 18th, 2012. Because they both had to work on their anniversary and wouldn't be seeing each other, Chrissy decided to pull off a sweet surprise the day before. With the help of her kids, she dug up her wedding dress, grabbed a bouquet and parked herself near the front door.

"I wanted to take my Husband back to the day we got married," Chrissy wrote. "Plus our two littlest ones were not there the day we got married. I loved taking him and of course myself down memory lane. We both of course got a little choked up."

When Brian walked in, he couldn't believe his eyes as his lovely bride stood before him in her wedding dress. Their excited kids watched as dad was lost for words, and they squealed as their parents embraced.

Chrissy writes:

"I picked the song "Shine Your Light" by Robbie Robertson because my Husband is a firefighter and after watching Ladder 49 years ago that has become our song.

He is my best friend, partner in crime, and my soul mate. I know a little sappy, I'm sorry."

We forgive you, Chrissy. Now just pass the tissues our way ...

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