Victim pretended to be asleep, texted for help as burglars broke into her apartment

Woman Fakes Sleep, Texts for Help as Burglars Break Into Home
Woman Fakes Sleep, Texts for Help as Burglars Break Into Home

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Three suspects were arrested after several people discovered burglars were inside their homes, stealing their items, while they were sleeping inside.

"I thought I was dreaming. When I first woke up I was kind of like 'Is this real?' And I waited and as I woke up I was like 'This is real!' There's somebody in here," said Anna Redford.

Police tell us a trio of burglars hit several apartments near IUPUI Wednesday morning. One victim noticed someone was inside of her apartment. The woman pretended to be asleep, meanwhile she sent her friends a text to call 911.

"That's an amazing situation for that young lady to act that quickly. And that's one of the tips we have. Whatever decision you make you have to make it quickly. You never know how long its gonna take them to get from an entry point to where you are," said IMPD, Lt. Chris Bailey.

Anna says she decided to stay quietly in her room. She came out once she heard them leave her apartment.

"I looked around and I saw that my purse was gone and my laptop and so I called 911 and they came right away and my car keys were in my purse so they had also stolen my car," said Redford.

Police were already on the way thanks to several quick calls. They were able to track the young trio down. Redford's car and most of the items from her purse were found and returned to her. She's in town while her husband is receiving cancer treatment. She says this situation put the meaning of Thanksgiving into perspective.

"For me already it doesn't seem like Thanksgiving, because I'm not at home and I'm not with my family, but to me now I'm going to be way more thankful because I got my stuff back," said Redford.

IMPD advises keeping your homes well-lit this time of year and make sure your electronics and Christmas presents aren't exposed through your windows this holiday season.

The three suspects were arrested. Charging information has not yet been released.

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