'Random' subway jam turns into sweet proposal

Random Subway Jam Turns Into Marriage Proposal!
Random Subway Jam Turns Into Marriage Proposal!


New Yorkers are no strangers to subway performers, so most people don't bat an eye when musicians hop on the train and rock out. In fact, ignoring them is pretty much the norm. Nearly six minutes into this jam session, though, uninterested riders started clapping and cheering as they realized that this impromptu "performance" was actually ... a proposal.

As two guys played popular songs, including Rihanna's very fitting "We Found Love" and Bruno Mars' "Heaven," they quickly got toes tapping. A few people even whipped out their phones to get the talented guys on tape.

The tall man standing near the subway doors on the right-hand side of your video seemed particularly interested ... because he planned the entire thing. He pulled together the surprise "performance" and also brought along the videographer and photographer, both of whom are in disguise, lest his girlfriend/soon-to-be-fiance recognized them.

As the final song came to an end, the man got down on one knee, and the car bursts into applause.

Andrew Teng, the man who shot and uploaded the video, opened up to Rumble about the amazing moment:

"Sishir and Treesa had been dating for a little over two years. In fact, I was there on one of their first dates so naturally I was extremely glad that he asked me to help orchestrate the proposal. I had only met Treesa a few times so it would be unlikely that she'd recognize me but I wore a disguise just in case.

Sishir asked me put this together only a few days before it took place. He had hired a street musician, Rhett Price (the violinist) and a friend of his (the guitarist) to play specific songs that had significance to the couple. The music performance was suppose to appear random - like the violinist and guitarist didn't know each other and just started jamming out together in a spontaneous, quintessentially New York moment. Meanwhile a photographer (also hired by Sishir) would start taking photos or this "jam session". At the end of the last song, one of the performers would turn to Treesa, say her name and that Sishir wanted to marry her.

Here's the crazy part. Although Sishir hired the musicians and photographer in advance, they had no idea what he or she looked like! I had to meet the musicians and photographer at Grand Central station moments before he and his bride-to-be arrived. When they did, I quietly pointed them out and escorted the musicians and photographer at a safe distance to the subway car they got onto.

When the musicians started playing I acted as if I was recording their performance and others began recording as well! I can't describe what I felt when they finished and he finally made the move... It's an amazing moment that I'm so overjoyed to have been a part of."

Perhaps the only thing more likely than an underground engagement? The fact that not a single person was scowling on this subway car. That's gotta be a first.

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