Men celebrate the world's longest pub crawl

Men Celebrate World's Longest Pub Crawl
Men Celebrate World's Longest Pub Crawl

It's a bucket list item that beer drinkers only dream of.

Peter Hill and John Drew are toasting to a big achievement. The boys and their beer-loving friends recently celebrated the world's longest bar crawl with The Saxon Penny becoming their 18,000th pub after a 30-year tour around Britain.

Peter and John started the group called Black Country Ale Tairsters in 1984 after getting bored of visiting the same pub for so long.

Since then, they've hit a new spot every week, driven more than 250,000 miles and tipped back about 36,000 pints of brew.

The group started with about 20 members, but now only Peter and John remain. And they aren't done.

Peter told the Daily Mail, "We are just going to keep going until our livers give out, or at least something gives out."

The duo uses their drinking journey for more than just a good time. They ask every pub to donate $1.50 to a local children's hospital.

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