Man reunited with lost wedding ring eight years later

Man Reunited With Lost Wedding Ring 8 Years Later
Man Reunited With Lost Wedding Ring 8 Years Later

One man. One ring. One bowling alley. In 2006, these three came together to form ... a nightmare for Justin Blair. While bowling, Blair's ring slipped off his finger, and he came home without it, much to his wife's dismay.

"I was upset," Justin Blair's wife, Becky, said.

"The couple returned the next day to search again, but nothing," a reporter for WISC said.

After eight years with Blair keeping in touch with the Wisconsin bowling alley, his ring was finally found.

The Sugar River United Methodist Church bought the bowling alley and tore up the lanes, with plans to turn the property into its new worship space. After what Becky called a "shot in the dark," the ring was found.

"Figuring the lanes would be torn up, she asked the church for help. ... Eight years later, Justin's ring was back where it belonged," the WISC reporter said.

The church found the ring underneath a gutter.

And so we can say this story has a "happily ever after," but with articles like this one, which coaches men on how to tell their wives they lost their ring, it must happen pretty often. Our favorite tip was not to send a vague, "guilty-sounding" text message, which might just freak out said wife.

Although it happens to women, too. Just last month, an Arizona woman accidentally gave her wedding ring away to trick-or-treaters.

Maybe some good luck will come knocking on her door soon. Hey, it took eight years for the Blairs.

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