Lost painting found in 'Stuart Little'

Historian Spots Long-Lost Painting While Watching 'Stuart Little'
Historian Spots Long-Lost Painting While Watching 'Stuart Little'

Having a talking mouse in the house is certainly a rare and special occurrence ... but you can't believe what rare and special item Stuart shared the screen with.

The painting in the background of some scenes turns out to be much more than just a prop.

Called "Sleeping Lady with Black Vase," the 20th century masterpiece was last seen in 1928 and has since been considered lost, but Gergely Barki, a Hungarian historian recently spotted it while watching the 1999 movie with his daughter.

"I went to the television and tried to clean the screen, is it real?!"

He tracked down the set designer who turned over the art for inspection, and it was authentic. They bought the artwork from an antique shop in California for $500.

The lady and her black vase are expected to sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars at an auction on December 13 in Budapest.

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