Detroit has the country's least attractive people, Miami claims best looking



A new study has revealed where America's most and least attractive people live.

Detroit claimed top honors for the country's ugliest, while Miami is home to the best looking, according to Travel & Leisure.

The annual report gauges readers' perceptions of various places around the country best on attractiveness, sports fan enthusiasm and dozens of other categories.

Miami has the most attractive people and is also the country's number one club destination, the survey found.

Detroit may have the least attractive people, but it ranks among the top 20 cities for hipsters. It's denizens are only slightly more unattractive than the fine people of Memphis and Oklahoma City, which tied for second place on the ugly list.

Sunny destinations San Diego, Charleston (South Carolina), and Los Angeles also claim high percentages of good looking people.

There was a distinct correlation between affinity for local sports teams and not being included in the most attractive list. Pittsburgh, which bleeds black and yellow, and Cleveland also placed in the top 10 least-attractive.

Fans are a few and far between in both Miami and San Diego, Charleston does not have any top-level professional sports teams.

Disagree with these rankings? Tell us in the comments where you think the most or least attractive people are in America.

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