Couple raises money to move house away from crumbling cliff

Wash. Couple Asks for Money to Move House Away From Crumbling Cliff
Wash. Couple Asks for Money to Move House Away From Crumbling Cliff

For the past two years a sliding cliff in Washington state has been threatening a couple's home. Now, that slide is just 54 feet away from their garage.

"It's 200 feet down to the Pilchuck River. How much of the hillside has been eaten away?" KOMO reporter Matt Markovich said.

"Thirty to forty feet, easily. ... The whole house shakes and rumbles. And it's just horrifying," homeowner Teresa Shaw said.

To avoid their home getting destroyed, Teresa Shaw and her husband came up with a plan to move their house 400 feet to the other side of their driveway.

It could prove difficult as they've hit a snag with their insurance. They say because the slide isn't caused by flooding, it's not covered. The insurance commissioner for Washington state encourages residents to purchase additional insurance to cover landslides and erosion on top of basic homeowners insurance.

Since the Shaw and her husband don't have that type of insurance, they need to come up with the necessary $150,000 to move their house and garage.

They turned to the bank for a loan. But after the Oso mudslide in March that killed 43 people, FEMA named Shaw's property as a potential slide zone. Due to this, the bank could not issue a loan.

In a last-ditch effort they've turned to the public. "We have our home that we love, and we don't want to lose our home ... I'm hoping that 150,000 people see this and donate $1 so I can save my home," Shaw said in a video she released on YouTube.

Shaw set up a GoFundMe campaign Nov. 25, and it's already raised more than $7,500 of the $100,000 goal.

The couple is still living in the home, and they're holding out hope they'll raise enough money to move it before it falls into the nearby river. At this time, county authorities have place a limited-entry notice on their garage.

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