Take a look at 30 awesome photos from November 2014



Santa Claus -- or a man on a surfboard dressed as the jolly old elf -- rode the wave where it took him in the Mediterranean earlier this month, right to the top of AOL.com's monthly roundup of awesome photos. The festive image, snapped on November 18, is one of many photos that would foreshadow winter well before the season officially arrives.

So, take a cue from surfing Santa and ride the wave of incredible photos from November in the slideshow above. There are splendid images aplenty: a dramatic scene from northwestern New York, where a lake-effect storm produced a three-day, historic snow event.

Journey back to the morning of the Midterm Elections where then-Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell was seen at the polls as a Kentucky voter gave an enthusiastic thumbs down behind McConnell's back. McConnell and the Republicans would have the last laugh that day, taking over control of Congress.

Remarkable balance took center stage in multiple photos. Be sure to see a tremendous shot of Giants rookie receiver Odell Beckham Jr. making the 'greatest catch ever' and a Somali fisherman balancing a large hammerhead shark on his head as he ventures off to a market to sell his catch.

Forces of nature seemed a little more out-of-control than usual. In addition to all of the snow that buried the Buffalo region, gaping holes opened up in the sky and in the ground -- and there are pics to prove it.

Animals had a big month in front of the camera as several photos above will attest, particularly a white Bengal tiger captured in the middle of a memorable yawn that would make Gene Simmons jealous.

As the calendar turns from November to December, see your world through the mighty camera lens. Take a moment to feast your eyes and look back at the month that was.

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