Watch a tiny yorkie chase away a burglar

Watch A Tiny Yorkie Chase Away a Burglar
Watch A Tiny Yorkie Chase Away a Burglar

Lots of people get guard dogs. Popular choices are dobermans, German shepherds, rottweilers. While all of those dogs are probably big snuggly piles of fur when you get to know them, they can definitely intimidate a burglar. A K9 that would never in a million years intimidate a burglar? A yorkie. A little, tiny, adorable yorkie could never scare a big bad robber. Or so one would think.

This is security cam footage taken from a backyard in South Africa that catches a burglar sprinting away from the scene of the crime and jumping a very tall fence all because he was being chased by a yorkie named Scamp.

Some redditors are posting that the burglar has a fear of dogs - but bear in mind the average yorkie weighs between 4 and 7 pounds, so how scary could Scamp possibly be? describes Yorkies as "small, fine-boned, elegant and easy to carry" but does note that they do in fact make good guard dogs because they always bark at people. is reporting that the burglar was apprehended by authorities shortly after Scamp chased him away.

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