Student had head shaved at school

Assistant Principal Shaves Student's 'Fauxhawk'
Assistant Principal Shaves Student's 'Fauxhawk'

Lucas Hull went to school one day sportin' a cool new 'do, a faux-hawk. He later came home without it.

During the school day the assistant principal at Notre Dame High School in Batavia, New York, used the intercom to call the 17-year-old to the cafeteria. That's enough to make any student's heart race.

"The vice principal told Lucas he either had to go home or get his hair cut right then and there," WHAM reporter Rachel Glaser said.

"Having people watching and have that done to you, sorry, it kind of felt humiliating," Hull said.

Regardless, Hull said he had previously asked permission to sport the haircut and the assistant principal said he'd have to see it before giving the final "OK."

Although the Notre Dame student handbook doesn't call out faux-hawks specifically, it does prohibit "outlandish hairstyles" and says "boys must be clean-shaven, hair combed/neatly groomed."

Hull's mother said she didn't receive so much as a phone call before her son's hair was cut, which she says violates the school's own code of conduct. This all happened Sept. 23 - and the school has since issued an apology.

But Hull's mother isn't satisfied with just an apology. She contacted The Batavian, a Batavia, New York local news outlet, and said she wants the vice principal, Mike Rapone, to get the boot.

She said, "Quite frankly, if what is on the code of conduct is correct, then Mr. Rapone has violated it and should be removed from his position with the school."

The school says, aside from the apology, it will not be taking any further action.

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