Jennifer Aniston pranks reporter into thinking he's having the worst interview ever

[Above: Jen's best LBD looks]

Raise your hand if you've ever been personally scolded by Jennifer Aniston.

Radio 1's Chris Stark has. You probably remember Stark from his interview with Mila Kunis last year, during which he name dropped his friends like Sir Dosser and Chango the Beast, then proceeded to adorably ask Mila out no fewer than three times. It was the Internet's undisputed Best. Interview. Ever.

This is the opposite of that: "I asked Jen to play the role of worst interviewee ever and Chris knew nothing about it," Chris' boss, BBC's Scott Mills, explains. "I've just told her to be super, super mean and kind of horrible and make it the most awkward interview ever."

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Jennifer starts by being short and (not so) sweet when Chris asks questions about method acting Dr. Julia Harris, the dirty dentist in Horrible Bosses:

Things get more awkward from there, with plenty of confused, blank stares:

When Chris tries to backpedal, Jen takes it to a new level of uncomfortable:

Where's the Friends laugh track when you need it?!

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Just when you think it can't get any more cringe inducing, Mills mercifully crashes the interview to reveal the prank. This is how Chris reacts:

A horrible boss, indeed.

Watch the entire interview prank here:

Meanwhile, the cast of Horrible Bosses 2 revealed their worst boss behavior to ET. Find out what Aniston said about getting raunchy in the sequel:

And one more reason why we love Jen:

Jennifer Aniston Sports Inflatable Bra
Jennifer Aniston Sports Inflatable Bra