Hostel owner gives new wings to a retired airplane

A Hotel Built Inside a Retired Airplane in Sweden
A Hotel Built Inside a Retired Airplane in Sweden

Tired of tiny, cramped airlines seats when you're trying to sleep?

Welcome to Jumbo Stay, where you'll find luxurious accommodations with full beds and baths on this Boeing-747.

The catch is that it is a decommissioned Singapore Airlines Boeing-747 built in 1976.

The jet sits at the Stockholm Arlanda Airport in Sweden just a short ride from the terminal. The one-of-a-kind hotel was first opened to guests January 2009.

It is not only a place to sleep, but also an experience. You can enjoy a stroll out on the wings, and there is a café aboard and a gift shop for when your stay has ended.

There are 27 cabins with a total of 76 beds, which means you will be bunking with some roomies.

Owner Oscar Dios wrote on the hotel's site that the idea for a plane hotel came back in 2006 when he heard that an old plane sitting at the Arlanda Airport was for sale. The plane hadn't been used since 2002 and was wasting away. He wanted to expand his hostel business, so the Jumbo Stay was born.

How much does it cost to stay in plane? One night in a bunk bed room will cost $85.80 per person.

Staying in the private panoramic pilot's cockpit with a double bed and en suite bathroom will run upwards of $311.23.

But, hey, how many times can you say you slept on a plane and actually enjoyed it?

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