Cosby mistress claims comedian drugged and raped her, fathered her daughter



Bill Cosby's former mistress is now claiming he also drugged and raped her – and fathered her daughter.

Cosby previously admitted to the affair with Shawn Brown, now 62, but she has come forward in a new interview insisting he is the father of her adult daughter and that he supported the girl until she was jailed for trying to extort him.

Brown, nee Byers, told the Daily Mail that she did not very much enjoy sex with the married comedian and was only "going through the motions," but things headed south after he raped her despite the fact that the much-younger woman was willing to sleep with him.

"Looking back, I think it was probably because I wasn't as freaky in bed as he liked without being drugged," she told the tabloid.

She is the 17th woman to publicly accuse the comedian of some form of drugging and sexual assault.

"I had just turned 21 and I didn't drink alcohol. He said 'try it, it tastes good,'" she recalled. "When I did, all I could taste was the alcohol, he kept saying: 'Drink more, drink more.'"

Brown also remembers Cosby and his driver smoking marijuana while she fell into a drug-induced haze.

"I told them I didn't want any but I took a puff - but like Clinton, I didn't inhale, I just blew it straight back out."

The next thing she recalls is watching both men shoot pool while she sat in the corner.

"I was sitting in this wicker chair, hanging from the ceiling. It felt like I was sitting way up high in the corner, that's how loopy I was -- I felt like I was floating," she told the Daily Mail.

"I was in another world, it was more than drowsy, I knew that any second I would be out cold."

Her next memory is of waking up naked in Cosby's bed the next morning.

"I knew I had had sex,' she told the British paper. "My whole body ached. There was no place that was untouched.

She asked Cosby what happened and he told her she passed out from being tired.

"I said that we had obviously had sex, and he looked at me and said: 'I can't believe you don't remember it. You seemed like you would remember it.'

"I had never really been into him and the other times I had really just been going through the motions," she continued. "I don't think I was freaky enough for him, and that's why he drugged me.

"It's not that he asked me to do anything that I wouldn't do, but sex with Bill just wasn't mind-blowing because I wasn't really into him 100 percent," said the former mistress. "It wasn't bad, but it wasn't a case of ripping each others' clothes off like it would be if you were madly in love."

Brown became pregnant soon after the assault, she says.

Cosby convinced her to put former boyfriend Jerald Jackson's name on the birth certificate and then sent her $750 checks every two weeks via FedEx to support the young girl, named Autumn.

She believes he gifted her about $250,000 over the years to help support the child.

Cosby and Brown met or spoke multiple times over the years, but she insists she never again slept with the accused predator.

She later asked him if he had spiked her drink that night.

"What are you talking about?" She recalls him replying before laughing the question off without ever giving her a straight answer.

He even paid for the child's college tuition and kept a picture of her on the set of the hit "Cosby Show" so Autumn could see herself on television.

That arrangement came crashing down shortly after Autumn contacted Cosby when she was 22-years-old demanding $40 million to keep quiet about him being her father, Brown told the Daily Mail.

She flew to New York to meet the entertainer but was instead met by federal officers who arrested and charged her for crossing state lines to commit a felony.

A conviction and 26-month prison sentence was later overturned.

Cosby's career continued virtually unblemished until this year, when comedian Hannibal Buress brought the sex assault accusations back in the public eye.

Multiple projects and tour dates involving Cosby have since been cancelled.


Full Cosby Exchange with AP on Allegations
Full Cosby Exchange with AP on Allegations

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