Black Friday shoppers often trample and fight each other for cheap televisions


Black Friday's massive discounts will soon be here, and so will hordes of people trampling each other to get them.

The day after Thanksgiving has long been seen as an excuse for a four day weekend, but for some people it begins standing on line outside stores in the dark waiting for early openings.

Massive lines quickly disintegrate into frenzied rushes through Wal-Marts, Best Buys and other stores around the country.

Black Friday earned its name because it is often the day U.S. retailers see their ledgers go from red to black. The day they finally turn a profit.

But that hasn't stopped shoppers from seeing red.

Fights break out, people are arrested and there have even been a few instances of people being trampled to death – all for a discounted television.

Christmas is less than a month away.

Hunt Down Black Friday Deals With These Android Apps
Hunt Down Black Friday Deals With These Android Apps

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